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Wooden Premapranahuti

Wooden Premapranahuti


These wooden hand-made symbols incorporate the symbolism of many of the religions of the world. They can be hung in your house, office, or place where you spend a lot of time. As you would a cross, star of David, or holy picture, it will reflect negative energy away from where it is hung. We are all made of energy and sometimes we are the one affected by others energy or a locations energy. When people talk bad about us our energy is affected. This has been proven scientifically and people can even send curses to us. These symbols, like a mirror, will reflect it back from where it came, keeping us protected and peaceful. This is why we bless ourselves when we go, say, into a church. The symbol of the cross is to protect us above, below, and side to side.

The symbol is crafted from either light maple or dark mahogany wood.