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Building Your Future Workbook & Meditation

Building Your Future Workbook & Meditation


This set includes both the Building Your Future workshop and the Wise Old Being Guided Meditation disc.

Attendance at Derek O'Neill's "Building Your Future" workshops this Fall 2011 include an empowering workbook which enhance the workshop experience. This workbook is now available for purchase by those unable to attend the workshops in-person. 

Experience this life-changing, guided meditation with Derek O'Neill, created to heighten your potential in this life. You will find that by listening to this recording on a regular basis your happiness, joyful living, and heightened potential will become very easily achievable. The length of this meditation is 30 minutes and you will find it is timeless so you can listen to it now, tomorrow, and even three or six months down the line for continued peace.

"There are both assessments and tools in this workbook to give you deep insights into what needs change and what needs support. Your life will change dramatically by the insights you will receive by answering the questions and then using the tools to strengthen any weak areas you find through the exercises on a conscious and subconscious level." - Derek O'Neill