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The Way - Weight – What’s Eating You?

The Way - Weight – What’s Eating You?


Overeating, weight-gain, difficult dieting, and the seemingly insurmountable task of keeping the pounds off – These are serious challenges, faced by millions of people. For all the diets and new-fangled approaches, we just can’t seem to get to the root of our weight problems.

On June 25th’s “The Way,” we’ll dive right into the questions and issues that keep us from maintaining a healthy weight and normalizing our relationship to food. In order to understand “what’s eating you,” a careful look into your past, your emotional connections to food, and your overall feeling about yourself are all key to letting go of the weight that has become a shield from the truth. No diet can address the real reason you hold on to extra pounds. Tune into “Weight – What’s Eating You?” to tap into your powerful ability for self-insight, healing, and vital life-affirming change.