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Premapranahuti Pendants

Premapranahuti Pendants


The Premapranahuti represents the buddhist teachings of the 8 fold path, where happiness, joy, love, are created by prana (or chi) – the life force energy that permeates the universe. Pendants can be worn as a talisman of protection, and to connect all who see it to the qualities of the 8 fold path (middle path). Learn more

Available in sterling silver and gold plated (necklace not included). 

Medium pendant 49mm x 22mm
Large pendant 53mm x 25mm


***For solid 14K yellow gold,18K white gold, or for pendants with gemstones contact Terri at Custom Tails Jewelry. The pendant with blue sapphire and 6 diamonds is made with hand selected, high quality stones. Prices range from $330 - $912 USD.