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What is the key piece of advice that most books and experts fail to tell you about relationships? In RELATIONSHIPS – WOULD YOU WANT TO DATE YOU? you’ll learn that your relationship to everything in your life – your family, your co-workers, and even your pets! – sets the stage for successful romantic relationships. This latest offering in the GET A GRIP series takes innovative and fascinating look at what may be holding you back from truly fulfilling relationships. It all begins with you…

It’s time to look at the bigger picture when it comes to opening your heart to all of life. This small and highly accessible book is packed full of insight and tips to revamp your approach to love. So, “would you want to date you?”


(Softcover: $4.99 / EBook: $2.99)


Electronic edition now available:

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“Everyone should buy this book for themselves, for their spouse, for their friends, and for the people that they care about. Applicable for people just starting relationships, elderly couples celebrating their diamond anniversary or even someone not yet in a relationship. Simply amazing…”  – Patrick