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Forgiveness: So I Can Move On

What does it really mean to forgive? Who does it benefit the most? How do we see beyond hurt and anger, and reach a higher consciousness, moving forward?

Forgiveness: So I Can Move On, one of the many helpful little books in the GET A GRIP series by Derek O’Neill, will challenge your assumptions about forgiveness and reveal its transformative power. As difficult as it can be to forgive sometimes, by shifting our focus on healing, compassion, and understanding, we empower ourselves. With practical advice and concise bits of wisdom, Derek covers a variety of topics about forgiveness, including how to approach others with an open heart, steps to integrate forgiveness into every aspect of your life, and the tremendous importance of self-forgiveness.

If each one of us embraced a daily practice of forgiveness, the entire world would benefit and thrive. Forgiveness: So I Can Move On, is your passport to a journey that can improve your own life, the lives of those around you, and humanity as a whole.

(Softcover: $4.99 / EBook: $2.99)

Electronic edition now available:
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