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Calm Mama, Happy Baby

Calm Mama, Happy Baby


Calm Mama, Happy Baby is a groundbreaking book from co-authors Derek O’Neill and Jennifer Waldburger.

With constant feedings, teary outbursts, and trying to help your baby sleep through the night, it’s no wonder that parents of babies and young children feel overwhelmed. Yet eye-opening neuroscientific research shows that your stress directly affects your child’s mood, behavior, and health. The good news is that calm mamas have calmer, happier babies who usually feed and sleep better, too.

Drawing on their experience in nearly two decades of working with parents in Hollywood and across the globe, Derek O’Neill and Jennifer Waldburger give parents practical tools for choosing calm over stress no matter what is happening with their child. For any mom who’s ever said, “I wish my baby came with instructions,” Calm Mama, Happy Baby offers a step-by-step approach for helping you parent intuitively, with confidence.

• Discover the negative habits that cause stress and zap your energy
• Learn how to understand your baby’s communication on all levels
• Defuse any parenting situation, from feeding problems and sleep disruptions to separation anxiety, fussiness, and colic
• Explore why becoming a parent brings up unresolved fears and insecurities—and how to put them to rest

When mama is happy, your child is happy, too—and the entire household thrives.

Video Support and Meditations from 'Calm Mama, Happy Baby'